Thursday, 23 June 2016

KFC announces a meal box that can charge your phone while you put on the calories

As part of a Facebook contest, the KFC Watt a Box packs a 6,100mAH power bank in a Meal Box.A fast food box that charges your phone. That’s all we needed. KFC recently came up with the novel idea of enabling both the visitor and the visitor’s phone to replenish at their stores. Launched in limited-edition meal boxes is a 6,100mAH Lithium-ion battery charger and a USB cable that can be used to charge USB devices
like phones or tablets. This ‘Watt a Box’ KFC Meal Box is part of a week-long contest that’s running on KFC’s Facebook page and is limited to stores in Delhi and Mumbai. The charger is apparently only part of this contest and is not available for sale separately.

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