Tuesday 21 June 2016

India fourth largest FDI recipient in Asia, tenth in World

New Delhi, Jun 21 : India is the fourth largest recipient of FDI in developing Asia and tenth largest in the World, according to the World Investment Report (WIR) of UNCTAD released here today. It is because of the rising FDI in India, total inflows to South Asia increased by about 22 per cent to 50 billion dollar, surpassing FDI into West Asia. ”India became the fourth largest recipient of FDI in Developing Asia and
tenth largest in the World, with inflows reaching 44 billion dollar,” said the report.
Main sources of equity investment equivalent to 88 per cent of FDI in 2015 were Singapore,Mauritius,the United States,Netherland,Japan,Germany,the United Kingdom,China,Hong Kong(China) and the United Arab Emirates.
Singapore and Mauritius were among the countries that accounted alone for nearly three fifth of total foreign equity investment in India.
Simultaneously India is maintaining its FDI inflows from developed-country sources,especially Europe and the United States.
Global foreign direct investment hits 1.76 trillion dollar in the year 2015,the highest level since pre-crisis peak.
”A 38 per cent jump in flows to 1.76 trillion dollar ,give hopes that global FDI is at long last returning to a growth path.But we are not yet out of the woods,” UNCTAD Secretary -General Mukhisa Kituyi said in a statement.
Developing economies also saw FDI inflows reach a new high of 765 billion dollar,up 9 per cent on 2014 because of the performance of Asia, the report stated.
Inward FDI flows to developed economies almost doubled to 962 billion dollar.
Eighty five per cent of newly adopted investment policy measures in 2015 were addressed towards investment liberalization and promotion, the UNCTAD, (WIR) 2016 has found,with the remaining 15 per cent of new investment measures featuring restrictions and regulations.
Meanwhile, the international investment agreement universe grew to 3,304 agreements by the end of 2015,with the addition of 31 new ones,added the report.

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